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Drug Free Pledge

Kids who want to do something about the drug problem in their areas are sworn in as Drug Free Kids by reading out loud and signing the following pledge:

As a Drug Free Kid, I pledge to lead the way by:

1. Living a drug-free life

2. Showing my friends that a drug free life is more fun

3. Helping my fellow Drug Free Kids

4. Learning more about how drugs really harm people

5. Telling people the truth about the harmful effects of drugs

6. Helping my family and friends to be drug-free

7. Setting a good example to all children, by leading the way to a drug-free UK

Download the Say No To Drugs Colouring book.

Adults who want to do something about the drug problem in their areas sign the following pledge:

We, the undersigned, hereby recognise our concern over the growing drug problem amongst the youth of ___________ (city/town/village) and pledge our support to the "Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life" programme and agree to speak out publicly whenever possible to encourage young people to "SAY NO TO DRUGS"

Further, we ask the elected leaders of this county and others in positions of influence to join with us in support of this ideal by encouraging young people everywhere to lead drug-free lives.

Download a PDF version of the pledge:-

Pledge A2 size

Pledge A3 size

Pledge A4 size 


The Truth About Drugs

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